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kpc creative was founded on the premise that post-pandemic professions were scrambled and small businesses became a new path to stability for so many with an entrepreneurial spirit. Business owners and Coaches, you need awareness and support to take your products and services to market and grab engagement and conversions in the digital space. We are here to help you grasp and own your momentum in your niche using solid magnets, high converting Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising campaigns, other paid strategies, and more. We deliver intel on marketing funnel strategy, tactical email sequences, ideal analytics, and the 401 on connecting affiliate marketing into your business plan, because we want the most for you, and we know success is right around the corner.

You don't need to waste money or spend years trying to figure the ads game out.. get back to the skill and service you do best, and know your return on ad spend (ROAS) is our end game success.


kpc creative digs working with transparent leaders and managers that have integrity and passion for their brand. We continue to invest and push boundaries in the ever-evolving industry that is: social media, branding, content creation, AI, programmatic campaigns, user journey, websites, and more, to bring the value where clients need it the most.


We can't wait to collaborate with you!



We lead a team of brilliant, tenacious individuals. What a time to be alive!

Happy to be of service to you.

Katie Carrillo, Founder


Ops + Ads Specialist & Founder

15 years in the trenches leading creative operations in full-service ad agency life, Katie is either at the helm or is supporting strategy and all campaigns development, serving, and evolution for kpcc Client's bottom line. 

*Available for agency consultation

Trisha Frey, Strategist


Account Manager

Kick-off wouldn't look as extraordinary if Mrs. Frey weren't at your service. Trish leads intake and strategic collaborations from the get-go, then mobilizes resources to bring your campaigns to life. A gem, this one.

Finnius, Lead Mascot


VIP Fetcher

The inspiration behind all animal-centric campaigns and the walks prompting our strategery, Finndingo, the Lab-sky, is kpc's mascot. He is prepared for your launch!

Creative photo 3d collage artwork poster postcard of weird man flower instead head prepari


Copy, Design, Tech, Video Media

At times, kpc creative vets and partners with various software experts and some of the best content creators in copy and visuals, around the world. Consulting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within your industry are also pertinent to remain agile and at the top of our game, to deliver success every time.

If you are interested in becoming a preferred partner of kpcc, please send an email to

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